Minecraft plugins

SkyWarsReloaded ~ UPDATED 3.1.3
Official updated SKYWARSRELOADED plugin for 1.7 -> 1.12 ~ original plugin by zRA1Nz
A report system that uses a GUI for reporting! [1.8 Recommended]
PlotSquared development-builds
What do you get when you multiply PlotMe and Plotz together?
CustomDrops 1.0
Simple way of adding unique item drops to mobs
PaidFlight 1.0
Let your users pay for the ability to fly
EpicWands 1.0-beta1
A plugin that adds magical wands to your server!
Advanced AntiSwear 5.1
Annoyed of swearing players? This is your ultimate solution! Superior filter, punishments, and more!
ExtraPermissions 1.0.1
Want to add extra permissions to a command? Then you are here at the right resource!
Welcome 1.4
Welcome players to your server every time.
Ultra Cosmetics [OPENSOURCE AND FREE] [1.8-1.12] 2.4.9
Amazing Cosmetics plugin! Treasure Chests, Gadgets, Hats, Pets, Morphs, Mounts, Effects and more!