EpicWands 1.0-beta1
A plugin that adds magical wands to your server!
Bedwars-Rel 1.3.6
Destroy others beds with bedwars reloaded
VoidParkour 1.0
Requested, Void parkour, customizable, scoreboard
AsyncWorldEdit 2.3.3
Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!
StayPut 1.0
[Beta] Start where you left of after entering a Multiverse world
Factions 2.13.0
Create your Faction, Claim your Land, Fight your Enemies!
ProtocolLib 4.3.0
Provides read/write access to the Minecraft protocol
KitPvP [FFA, 1vs1] 3.6.8
Minecraft KitPvP - FFA and 1vs1 with cool kits.