Minecraft plugins

ProtocolLib 4.3.0
Provides read/write access to the Minecraft protocol
AntiVPN [Free] 1.8
Get rid of players that use VPNs to join your server! [Player Analytics Support]
Warpalicious 1.9.0
An easy to use, highly configurable warp system
MineNationXL | FREE! 3.0
De 90% clone van DDGs MineNation
bungeestaffchat 1.5.5
talk wih your staffmembers between servers
StaffChat [NL] 1.9
Nederlandse staffchat plugin.
Simple Maintenance Page 2.1
Very simple web page for starters! You can change all things and add things.
GlobalWarming - Inspired by Volcano [Minigame] 0.2
Start running, keep running, and don't let the disappearing blocks get to you
AFKFishing 1.1
Brings back AFK Fishing from PRE 1.16
EpicWands 1.0-beta1
A plugin that adds magical wands to your server!
StaffMode 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
A mode for your staffmembers, including ant-grief!