bungeestaffchat 1.5.5

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
talk between servers with your staff members.

it's recommend to use the latest version

(ps: the permissions must be in the config.yml of your bungee server or bungeeperms)
(ps: the config reload automatic so you don't need to restart your bungee server)
(ps: there's no tab completer so as you want to have an specific player you need to do his full player name)

You don't need to leave the staffchat anymore to use commands.

it's now updated with (only) the latest bungeecord

(this is not the staffchat channel, it is an sort of msg to all staffmembers with this permission)

/sc <message>.
/staffchat <message>.
/sct - toggles the staffchat channel on/off
/sctoggle - toggles the staffchat channel on/off
no command for this only receive messages that are wrote with the /helpop comnmand.
/helpopmsg <player> <message>. messages the player as they need help what they wrote in /helpop
every command listed above
sc.helpop.use (this is for the "normal" players):
/helpop <message>

Placeholders for PrefixMessage and MessageToggledChat:
= getting the bungee server of all staff members.
%player% = getting the players name.
%message% = getting the message from the command\
Placeholders PrefixHelpopStaff / PrefixHelpopPlayer:
= getting the players name
%server% = getting the server of the player.
%msg% = getting the message that they wrote in /helpop
Placeholders PrefixHelpopMSGplayer:
%msg% = getting the message
%server% = getting the staff their server. so the player will sees where the message is came from
Placeholders PrefixHelpopMSGstaff:
= getting the message
%player% = getting the players name
%server% = getting the players server. the staff will sees where the message is going to
Code (Text):
Prefix: '&2[&cStaffChat&2]&b'
PrefixHelpop: '&2[&bHelpOp&2]&r'
#this is for the message you sent in staffchat,
#but the MessageToggledChat is for the chat channel for the staff:
PrefixMessage: '&2[&cStaffChat&2]&r<%server%>&b%player%&r: %message%'
MessageToggledChat: '&2[&cStaffChat&c]&r<%server%>&c%player%&r: %message%'
#helpop section
PrefixHelpopStaff: '&9Staff&c&m<---&b%sender%&a[&e%server%&a]&r: %help%'
PrefixHelpopPlayer: '&a[&e%server%&a]&b%sender%&c&m--->&9Staff&r: %help%'
PrefixHelpopMSGplayer: '&a[&e%server%&a]&cStaff &a-> &byou&r: &r%msg%'
PrefixHelpopMSGstaff: '&bStaff&a -> &a[&e%server%&a]&b%player%&r: &r%msg%'
#below here can you change the messages. as it is longer than one line (ingame) then you must to do that colorcode on the right spots also
DenySendMessage: "&cwe can not send that to other staff because there &cis nothing to send!"
NoPermMessage: "&cYou dont have the permission!"
NoPermMessageToggle: "you don't have the permission to toggle"
sc-toggle-enable: "&bYou turned the staffchat &aon!"
sc-toggle-disable: "&bYou turned the staffchat &coff!"
NoPermHelpop: "&cYou dont have the permission to use /helpop"
DenyMessageHelpop: "&cThis is not enough arguments to send"
NoPermHelpopMSG: "&cYou don't have the permission"
- /helpop command will be added soon done
- /helpop command permissions: done
- helpop changing