| Free minecraft donation system. 1.0

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
Mrten, Tim_kwakman

What is CraftingStore?
CraftingStore is a minecraft donation store system, that aims for cheap (and free) webshops for everyone. We don't run advertisements on any of the stores, not even the free stores (except a small link to us in the footer).
Our goal is to create a cheap/free and well created donation solution that's stable and offers a lot of options that anyone can use.

The plugin
Our plugin supports Spigot & bukkit & BungeeCord.

The plugin will check every X ticks (you can change this in the config, the default is 15 mins). And you get an option to disable the "checking for donation" message so you won't get console spam.

The plugin will get bigger over time, we will add more options & commands to it. But for now it just checks for donations.

The plugin (from V1) is maintained by Maarten (

The price
Our system is mainly free, which offers almost all of the features, and a premium (silver) plan for anyone that wants the "extra" features.

Current Features
- Unlimited packages*
- Unlimited servers*
- Unlimited coupons*
- Custom domain
- Mail when someone donates
- Automatic payment processing
- Own domain on every plan.
- No (google) ads (only a small footer link)
- Suggestions?
- Many more things, and more coming!

Payment gateways
- PayPal
- Paymentwall
- Paygol
- More if needed!

1) Create an account on
2) Use our setup tool on the dashboard to create the first Server, package, category.
3) Download the plugin.
4) Get the API key from the servers page and enter it in the plugin config.
5) Setup the rest of the store, and start accepting donations!

> DonationsReceivedEvent
- getCommand() - The command that will run.
- getMcname() - The player that did donate.
- getUUID() - The UUID of the player that did donate.
- getPackageName() - The package name.
- getPackagePrice() - The price.
- getCouponDiscount() - The amount discount.

Just import the plugin in your project and Listen for that event.
Note: This will still run the command, if you don't want to run the command from our system you can add the config option (
dont_run_command: true) so your own plugin can run it.

You can use a subdomain from our domain or you may link your own custom domain. All subdomains on our own domain have SSL connection. If you want SSL on your own domain, please use the Flexxible SSL from cloudflare, our system wil detect this.

Panel screenshots

* = Fair use, don't try to make 100+ packages / servers / coupons just because its allowed....

Note: This project is in development / beta, all features should work but it may fail at some point. We try to make sure that this won't happen but keep this in mind.

My current to-do:

Don't give negative reviews if the system doesn't have something that you want. You can always ask in the Discussions, but please don't do this in the reviews.