CustomDrops 1.0

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.12
This simple plugin allows you to add additional drops to your server.
Code (Text):
  - customblade
#Add the name of the mob you want to have a table
#Define if you want regular mob drops be dropped at all
#true = skeleton will drop arrows/bows/armour/bones
#false = only table defined drops may drop
  normalLoot: false
#Make a list of custom item names to randomize over
  - specialbone

#Here is the drop/item table which holds all custom drops.
#Under itemtable add the name defined earlier. E.X customblade.
#dropChance: When an item is picked it will random over its drop chances.
#chances are 0-100.
#type: this defines the item to be dropped. E.X diamond_sword
#name: The name of the item with color support
#lore: Here you can add a list of lores to be added to the item.(Color supported)
#enchants: Here you can add multiple enchants.
#note, these enchants are unsafe which means you can add any enchant including level to any item.

    dropChance: 10
    type: diamond_sword
    name: '&3Dvine Blade'
    dropChance: 25
    type: bone
    name: '&3A Dogs Bone'
    - Poor poochy must have lost this
    - Please return it!
    - damage_all:3
The plugin loottable is fairly easy to configure and allows a lot of stuff.
If there are features however that aren't on the list and you'd like, let me know.

Note: Item types must be defined at all times, lore name and enchants do not. This means you can add unique drops to mobs that don't have a droptable normally such as silverfish

Any mob not defined on this list will drop regular loot and not be hindered by this plugin.
Infernal mobs also are not hindered by this plugin.
I spend most of the time testing every bit of this to make sure of that.

The review section is not for bug reporting since it its maxed to a certain response.
To report a bug pm me instead.