GlobalWarming - Inspired by Volcano [Minigame] 0.2

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.10
Inspired by Hypixel's Volcano minigame
Start running, keep running, and don't let the disappearing blocks get to you
GlobalWarming is inspired by the Volcano minigame where you start in an arena and blocks are being removed behind you and randomly.

This minigame is built on top of the amazing MinigamesLib plugin ( so 1 big thank you to MysticCity for keeping that plugin up-to-date :)


You can edit the speed of the minigame and the blocks in the config file (globalwarming.yml). Every configuration setting is documented.
Code (Text):
# Below you will find all the configuration options related to the minigame
# Fase1 should be set to the block that it should be by default.
# So for a snowblock floor, set this to snowblocks
# You can have up to 6 fases
    block: SNOW_BLOCK
    block: PACKED_ICE
    block: ICE
    block: AIR
# Below you will find all the gameplay related stuff, like after how many milliseconds should a block change
# After how many *milliseconds* should a block continue to the next fase
  change_block_interval: 1000
# After how many *ticks* should we check if a block has passed its change_block_interval?
# By default this is set to 2, but you may increase this to prevent lagg
  change_fase_check_interval: 3
# After how many *milliseconds* should a new random block be chosen?
# This is to spice up the game a bit and prevent campers
  add_random-block_interval: 300
Besides this you can also configure other aspects of the game because it is built on top of the MinigamesLib. For everything about that please read the Spigot MinigamesLib page ( and check out their wiki (

There are no extra permissions besides the built in MinigamesLib permission. The parent permission is "globalwarming". This means a command with the permission 'setup' requires the full permission 'globalwawarming.setup'.
Check out the default commands including their permission here:
Check out the default permissions here:

First of all create an arena, the floor must be the same type as the 'game.fase1' block in the globalwarming.yml confugration file.

  • /gw setmainlobby - Sets the main lobby (where the join signs will be)
  • /gw setlobby [Arena name] - This will be the player lobby when starting the game
  • /gw setspawn [Arena name] - Repeat this multiple times for every possible spawns. (Players will randomly spawn on a spawn point)
  • /gw setbounds [Arena name] [low/high] - Repeat this for the low and the high value. This is to make sure no random blocks can be changed outside of the arena.
  • /gw setminplayers [Arena name] [Amount] - Set the minimum amount of players (optional)
  • /gw savearena [Arena name] - Saves the arena
Obviously there are many more commands, please check out the MinigamesLib wiki page:

Joining a game
You can join a game using '/gw join [Arena name]' and leave a game using '/l' or '/leave'

Can I do....?
If it has something to do with the game mechanics, I'm not sure, please ask in the discussions. I'll happily answer you. :) However if it has something to do with the arena, please check out the MinigamesLib wiki page:

Can you add....?

Sure, please ask in the discussions page.

Can you fix....?
Sure, please ask in the discussions page.

Is the minigame opensource?
At the moment it is not, however as I do with all my plugins. If I can't or won't update the plugin for newer versions anymore, I'll opensource it for other people.

Note: This minigame is currently in Alpha, there will be bugs and I will try to fix them. But please report them so I know they are there.