Groupmanager commands for PEX. 0.1

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.10
Groupmanager commands for PermissionsEx.

The idea:
I have seen some people that choose Groupmanager over PermissionEx because of the easy commands. So I thought; Why not make some aliases for it then? So that's why I have created this plugin. GroupManager isn't really supported anymore and PermissionEx works great and stable. So this plugin will make the transition easy by allowing you to use the GM commands for the PEX plugin.

Current commands:
- /mangaddp
- /mangdelp
- /manglistp

- /manuadd
- /manuaddp
- /manuaddsub
- /manudel
- /manudelp
- /manudelsub
- /manulistp

More commands will be added later.

(You can find out what these commands do by looking at the GroupManager wiki (link)).

- Not all commands are covered, and not all commands can be. Some things are just different in PEX or are simple not possible.
- All the commands from this plugin do not require a permission, anybody can use the commands, but they will be stopped by PermissionsEx. Its just a alias, so you need to give yourself the PermissionEx permissions. (players will be able to see the "correct use: /manuaddp" notifications if they try to use that command for example.
- I don't own PermissionsEx nor GroupManager.

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