KitPvP [FFA, 1vs1] 3.6.8

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
If you updating to version 3.6.x please remove the uKitPvP Folder and re setup the plugin.

Please don't write bad reviews, just tell me what's the matter and we'll try to fix it together.

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  • Bungeecord and multiworld support​
  • Configurateable messages​
  • Stats system​
  • Points system​
  • Mysql support

- /kitpvp [/kp] - Main command.
- /kitpvp help - A list from all commands.
- /kitpvp join - join a game.
- /kitpvp leave - leave a game.
- /kitpvp stats - Tells you your statistics.
- /kitpvp setlobby - To set the lobby.
- /kitpvp setholo - To set the hologram.
- /kitpvp setup - To open the setup gui.
- /kitpvp setentity - Set an gamemode entity.
- /kitpvp removeentity - Remove an gamemode entity.
- /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder) - Create a ffa map.
- /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name) - Set the map spawn.
- /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena - Create a 1vs1 arena.
- /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId) - Set the spawn for a 1vs1 arena.
- /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId) - Save the 1vs1 arena.
- /kitpvp 1vs1 removearena (id) - Remove an arena.
- /challenge <Name> [/c]- Challange a player in the lobby.


kitpvp.admin - to set up the plugin.
kitpvp.unlockall - to unlock all kits instantly. - to join full games.​

Create game:
  • Set the lobby with /kitpvp setlobby
    • Set the gamemode entities with /kitpvp setentity (type) [Valid types are ONEVSONE and FFA]​
    • Set the hologram with /kitpvp setholo
  • Create a 1vs1 arena​
    • Create an arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena
    • Set the spawns with /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId)
    • Save the arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId)
  • Create a ffa arena​
    • Create the map with /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder)
    • Set the spawnpoint with /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name)
  • Reload the server

Integrated plugins:

To buy Kits: GamePoints, PointsAPI, PlayerPoints or Vault






v. 3.6.5

v. 3.3.2

v. 3.4.8


Twitter: @Teeage_
Plugin requests: [email protected]


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