StopIfEmpty 0.2

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.10
Easily stop a server if no players are online anymore
StopIfEmpty is a simple plugin that lets you enable the ability to automatically restart the server if no players are online anymore.

  • You can enable and disable the ability/task by running the same command again
  • The server will be automatically restarted if the 'restart-script' value has been properly set in the spigot.yml.
  • You can ignore certain online players by giving them a specific permission. (stopifempty.ignore)
A message will be sent to online players with a 'stopifempty.use' permission if the stop task has been enabled to inform them about the current state. (That it is enabled and how many players there are left)



  • /stopifempty (alias: /sie) - Enable or disable the stop task

  • stopifempty.use - Allow a player to use the /stopifempty command
  • stopifempty.ignore - Players with this permission will be ignored when counting the online players.
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