VoidParkour 1.0

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.12
VoidParkour is as the name suggest, based upon hub parkours.

The idea is you create as many parkours as desired and the only way to join is by moving/running over a starting location marked with a command.
The only way to fail, Void fall
The way to finish is a wood plate.

A lot of it is customizable and its pretty easy to set up.

- apk setspawn *Can be 1 can be many*
- apk setstart <spawn name> *Mark the starting location for a parkour(Name will be given)
- apk setlobby *Marks the world for the scoreboard to show*
- apk leave *Leave a parkour*
- apk activate *To activate a created parkour(Requires name you were given*
- apk addsign <name> *Marks a sign as a leaderboard.*

setspawn 1 or many is marked for parkours to be a respawn point when people fail the run.
setstart returns X Z and world coordinates which also acts as the arena name. E.X: -122-241world

Currently only variables supported by the plugin to change are:

%user% - Returns the players name
%online% - Returns the players online on that server(Not bungee)
%ctime% - Returns course time, or time spend on a course. This time is used to determine the leaderboard.

Code (Text):
  prefix: '&3[&9Parkour&3]'
  noperm: '&3You are lacking some permissions'
  respawnname: '&3I need a respawn name'
  norespawn: '&3I dont know that spawnpoint'
  respawnset: '&3Succesfully created spawnpoint &9{0}'
  created: '&3Created course named &9{0} &3with respawn point &9{1}'
  activated: '&3Activated course &9{0}'
  noexist: '&3Course &9{0} &3does not exist'
  lobby: '&3Lobby world set to &9{0}'
  sbonjoin: true #Should the scoreboard activate when a player joins
  notinarena: '&3You can''t leave what you aren''t a part off'
  joined: '&3You joined a parkour run'
  nowin: '&4You did not break the record'
  record: '&9{0} &3broke the record on a course'

  line1: '&9%user%'
  line2: '&3Time:'
  line3: '%time%'
  line3color: '&9' #Color is stripped on line 3 so add desired color here.

  Title: '&3Scoreboard'
  - '&3World'
  - '&9%world%'
  - '&1'
  - '&3Players online:'
  - '&9%online%'
  - '&1'
  - '&3Course Time:'
  - '&9%ctime%'

The scoreboard at the moment allows a maximum of 15 lines excluding the title.
If you add 16+ it will automaticly set the variable to 15 and only show 15.

For spaces use colors you don't use such as &1 &2 etc.
The plugin will translate these into spaces