Warpalicious 1.7.5

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.11
  • 1.12

Warpalicious is an easy-to-use warp plugin focussing on your players. Players can set a certain amount of public and private warps, which is fully configurable with permission nodes. Players can only delete their own warps, and admins can also delete those of others.

- Easy to use warp list command
- Private warps
- Caps-insensitive names
- Fully configurable messages
- Configurable warp delays
- Configurable movement permissions

- /delwarp <name>, delete a warp
- /setwarp <name> [private], create a new (private) warp
- /editwarp <name> <flag|pub|priv> [value], make a warp public or private
- /editwarp listflags, to see all the available flags.
- /warplist <pagenumber|self|other player name> [page (if self or other)], for the warp list
- /warpalicious [reloadmessages], to see a small information message, or to reload the plugin's messages
- /warpinfo <name>, to see some info about the warp
- /warpinfo, to see statistics on all of the warps
- /warpinfo -top [page|-noprivate] [-noprivate]
- /findwarp <query> [page], to search for warps containing your query
- /warp <name>, to teleport to a warp
- /warp -help, to show all the warp commands
- /warpinvite <warp> <playername> to invite someone to your private warp
- /warpuninvite <warp> <playername> to uninvite someone from your private warp

Warp signs:
To create a warp sign, simply place down a new sign with on the first line the text "[warp]" and on the second line the name of the warp. Do note that in order for a warp to availble for use with a warpsign, the flag SIGNPRIVATE must be set to FALSE.

Code (Text):
warpalicious.* - all permissions
warpalicious.delete - delete your own warp
warpalicous.delete.other - delete other's warps
warpalicious.set - allowed to set infinite warps
warpalicious.edit - to edit warps
warpalicious.set.<nummer> - allowed to set <number> of warps
warpalicious.bypassprivate - be able to warp to private warps
warpalicious.warp - use /warp <name>
warpalicious.list - see the public warp list
warpalicious.list.private - also see private warps on the lists
warpalicious.list.other - see other's warp lists
warpalicious.list.self - see your own warp list
warpalicious.warpinfo - see info about your own warps and the full statistics
warpalicious.warpinfo.others  - see info about other's warps
warpalicious.top - to see the top (private warps can be seen with the private list permissions)
warpalicious.searchwarps - to search all available warps using /findwarp <name>
warpalicious.set.private - to use /setwarp <name> private. Also requires either warpalicious.set or warpalicious.set.<number> to have effect
warpalicious.makewarpsign - to make warp signs
warpalicious.usewarpsign - to use warp signs
warpalicious.delay.<mode>.<gamemode>.<number> - set the delay a player will have when warping with the <mode> (either sign or command) in <gamemode>. The lowest delay will be preferred. If the player has no delay permission set, the config value will be used.
warpalicious.nodelay - to make people never have delays when warping
warpalicious.noparticles - to prevent particles from spawning when warping
warpalicious.inviteplayers - to invite/uninvite players to private warps
warpalicious.onlyprivate - a player with this permission can only set private warps. note: the player must also have an appropriate setwarp permission (e.g. warpalicious.set or warpalicious.set.5)
If you have any issues with the plugin, please post a comment in the resource's thread or email me at [email protected]

This plugin uses metrics (which can be disabled in the global PluginMetrics config)

The source of this project is now available on github.

Servers using this plugin:
- play.tastytastic.eu (dutch server and being used in /survival and /creative)
- Feel free to message me if you'd like your server here

Config (and explanation. Remove the comments to get the default config):
Code (Text):
            delay: 10 #set the delay for someone warping using a sign in survival
            allow-move: false #should the player that's warping be allowed to move?
            delay: 10
            allow-move: false
            delay: 0
            allow-move: true
            delay: 0
            allow-move: true
            effect: portal #the effect played when a player arrives after warping using a sign
            count: 50 #the amount of times the effect is played
            effect: portal
            count: 50
            effect: flame
            count: 500
            effect: flame
            count: 500
#A list of available particles can be found here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/
#If the particle is set to an invalid type, no particle will be played at all

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