Minecraft plugins

AsyncWorldEdit 2.3.3
Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!
ClearLag 1.1
Remove lag from your server
CraftingStore.net | Free minecraft donation system. 1.0
Web based minecraft donation store! (Spigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord supported)
Multiverse Core Build 719
Multiverse, the best world management plugin for your server!
Vault 1.6.1
Permission, Economy and Chat API
Minecraft Statistics [MySQL] 1.6
Simplest way to sync your players data to your MySQL database
ChatControl 5.5.4
The original most popular chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!
SkyWarsReloaded ~ UPDATED 3.1.3
Official updated SKYWARSRELOADED plugin for 1.7 -> 1.12 ~ original plugin by zRA1Nz