Minecraft plugins

AFKFishing 1.1
Brings back AFK Fishing from PRE 1.16
EpicWands 1.0-beta1
A plugin that adds magical wands to your server!
StaffMode 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
A mode for your staffmembers, including ant-grief!
Advanced Multi Language 1.10.4
An extensive MultiLanguage Plugin with dev's API! A must have for your server!
noCaps 2
prevent players to use caps or shift in chat
AsyncWorldEdit 2.3.3
Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!
PaidFlight 1.0
Let your users pay for the ability to fly
PlotSquared development-builds
What do you get when you multiply PlotMe and Plotz together?
Multicraft - Bungeecord playercount Fix 0.3
Fixes the playercount & online status on multicraft! (When using bungeecord)
ChatControl 5.5.4
The original most popular chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!
ClearLag 1.1
Remove lag from your server