Minecraft plugins

noCaps 2
prevent players to use caps or shift in chat
Warpalicious 1.7.5
An easy to use, highly configurable warp system
GlobalWarming - Inspired by Volcano [Minigame] 0.2
Start running, keep running, and don't let the disappearing blocks get to you
Groupmanager commands for PEX. 0.1
Did you ever wanted to switch from GM to PEX, but did you get in trouble because of the commands?
EssentialsX 2.0.1-b488
An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more
Multiverse Core Build 719
Multiverse, the best world management plugin for your server!
CustomDrops 1.0
Simple way of adding unique item drops to mobs
ProtocolLib 4.3.0
Provides read/write access to the Minecraft protocol
StopIfEmpty 0.2
Easily stop a server if no players are online anymore
StayPut 1.0
[Beta] Start where you left of after entering a Multiverse world