Minecraft plugins

Warpalicious 1.7.5
An easy to use, highly configurable warp system
ClearLag 1.1
Remove lag from your server
Minecraft Statistics [MySQL] 1.6
Simplest way to sync your players data to your MySQL database
CraftingStore.net | Free minecraft donation system. 1.0
Web based minecraft donation store! (Spigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord supported)
EssentialsX 2.0.1-b488
An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more
Multicraft - Bungeecord playercount Fix 0.3
Fixes the playercount & online status on multicraft! (When using bungeecord)
Core 1.4 [MC1.8-1.11]
Plugin with all the Core features and commands.
GlobalWarming - Inspired by Volcano [Minigame] 0.2
Start running, keep running, and don't let the disappearing blocks get to you
CustomDrops 1.0
Simple way of adding unique item drops to mobs
[BETA] PlayerInfo 0.2
Get info about the player and holding item.
AsyncWorldEdit 2.3.3
Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!
StaffMode 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
A mode for your staffmembers, including ant-grief!