Minecraft plugins

PVPMadeEasy 1.2.3
The easy kitpvp plugin for a basic kitpvp server.
Multiverse Core Build 719
Multiverse, the best world management plugin for your server!
Warpalicious 1.7.5
An easy to use, highly configurable warp system
CustomDrops 1.0
Simple way of adding unique item drops to mobs
VoidParkour 1.0
Requested, Void parkour, customizable, scoreboard
ChatControl 5.5.4
The original most popular chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!
Multicraft - Bungeecord playercount Fix 0.3
Fixes the playercount & online status on multicraft! (When using bungeecord)
SimpleHologramMaker 1.0
This is a simple plugin to make colored holograms for your server!
StaffMode 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
A mode for your staffmembers, including ant-grief!
trumpSays 1.3
the words was sayed by trump in real life