Minecraft Snapshot 18W16A

De release van Minecraft 1.13 komt nu steeds dichterbij, hieronder een lijst wat er aan deze snapshot toegevoegd/gepatched is.

Veranderingen in 18W16A

  • New custom world type: Buffet
  • Coral fans now generate naturally
  • Drowned can sometimes be found inside ruins
  • Turtle helmet will no longer give you particle effects
  • Turtle helmet will no longer make you absolutely completely 100% invulnerable
  • Blue ice is now ever-so-slightly less slippery than before. Still pretty slippery!
  • When water spreads and would later turn into a source block, it now immediately just places a source block
  • We changed how we calculate the temperature of ocean biomes, which should result in nicer transitions between oceans
  • Mining coral blocks now requires silk touch
  • Changed particle effect from the Conduit
  • Optimized spawn position finding code
  • Technical: there's now a distinction between scheduled "liquid ticks" and "block ticks"
  • Technical: there's new block & item tags for coral
  • Lots of bug fixes

Buffet werelden!

  • As a popular request, we readded a way to play with single biome worlds
  • You can check it out when creating a new world by selecting Buffet World as a world type
  • As a side bonus, we also threw in another way to generate chunks in there
  • Keep an eye on this screen, there might be more things on their way!
  • (it's pretty crazy)

Opgeloste bugs in 18W16A

  • MC-18903 - Villagers'/ Witchs' right arm doesn't have the texture flipped. (Like zombies/giants/players/zombie pigmen/zombie villagers/Illagers' does.)
  • MC-83064 - Accumulated fall damage is not reset when levitation starts
  • MC-90591 - Camera instantaneously changes position when elytra is deployed, rather than smoothly
  • MC-125251 - Strong Turtle Master potion makes players invincible
  • MC-125280 - Bubble columns seem to be pushable by pistons
  • MC-125297 - Force-waterlogged blocks don't spread water
  • MC-125329 - Sprinting underwater while flying in creative makes player start swimming
  • MC-125356 - Turtle Shell potion effect particles are very intrusive
  • MC-125460 - Can only pick-block the top part of kelp and can't pick-block 2 block tall sea grass
  • MC-125647 - Air time is not clamped at 300 ticks, causing 11th bubble to appear depending on overflow air time
  • MC-125671 - Swimming animation can be triggered while on horse
  • MC-125770 - Bubble columns are not created when pouring water over magma block
  • MC-125895 - Being in bubble column regions makes user drown when touching underwater ceiling
  • MC-126086 - Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned
  • MC-126104 - Dispenser will not place or use the cod / salmon / puffer fish / tropical fish bucket
  • MC-126139 - The fins of dying cod and some tropical fish show z-fighting
  • MC-126167 - Puffer fish, salmon, cod, and tropical fish spawn eggs are in incorrect positions in creative inventory
  • MC-126304 - Water buckets can catch dying fish
  • MC-126485 - Magma block/soulsand does not generate bubbles and currents with only one block of water above
  • MC-126923 - Water turning to ice deletes other block occupying same space as water
  • MC-126930 - Sponges do not soak up flowing water
  • MC-126978 - Sponge is working with lava
  • MC-127045 - Duplicating fish is possible with a waterlogged block
  • MC-127079 - Lava on top of water doesn't turn water into stone
  • MC-127366 - Turtle Shell Water Breathing effect begins counting down as soon as feet touch the water.
  • MC-127998 - You cannot place Sea Pickles on top of non solid blocks
  • MC-128205 - Drowned drop tridents from both loot table and held items
  • MC-128233 - Lava is tinted incorrectly
  • MC-128248 - Bottom of the water is not tinted

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